ALS List

The Land Survey Ordinance, which was enacted on 18 May 1995, provide the registration and discipline of land surveyors engaged in land boundary surveys, for the control of the standards of land boundary surveys, for the establishment of land boundary records and for related matters. By law, only Authorized Lands Surveyors (ALS) registered under the Land Survey Ordinance shall be engaged to conduct land boundary surveys for the subdivision of private land in Hong Kong. 

The Register of Authorized Lands Surveyors is available to any person for inspection free of charge during normal office hours. For those who would like to engage the service of ALS, a list of private practicing ALS is also available.

For enquiries, please contact Senior Land Surveyor/Legislation of Lands Department HKSAR Government at:

Legislation Section
Survey and Mapping Office
Lands Department
22/F North Point Government Offices
333 Java Road
Hong Kong

Tel: 22313343
Fax: 27838492