Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a collaborative process of the complete construction and asset management life cycle where 3D modeling and information management technologies are employed. In recent years, BIM has been commonly adopted for engineering investigation, planning, design, construction and asset management in Hong Kong as well as other leading cities in the world. While the applications of BIM are multi-disciplinary, professional land surveyors' participation is crucial in the acquisition, creation, analysis and management of BIM data. To advance the application of BIM further, land surveyors are playing a key role to promote the integrated use of Geographic Information System (GIS) and BIM, or GeoBIM, and use this to build up the 3D city model data, thereby laying the foundation for the development of Hong Kong Smart City.

(Image Source: Department of Land Surveying and Geo-informatics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)