Date Division Events Organizer
10 Oct, 2023 BSD Sharing on the water-proofing membrane material Building Surveying Division
6 Oct, 2023 HKIS HKIS Social Event - Indoor Rock-Climbing Experience HKIS
6 Oct, 2023 HKIS HKIS Social Event - Indoor Rock-Climbing Experience HKIS
5 Oct, 2023 YSG YSG Social Event – Social Drinks x Young Leader Series 3rd Dialogue Event Young Surveyors Group
28 Sep, 2023 BSD Sharing on the concrete, repairing and other new related materials Building Surveying Division
27 Sep, 2023 YSG Green Construction in Hong Kong – Implementation & Challenges Young Surveyors Group
23 Sep, 2023 YSG YSG Study Tour 2023: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Young Surveyors Group
23 Sep, 2023 GPD Technical Visit – Transitional Housing Projects 過渡性房屋項目 (寶琳路北過渡性房屋項目 & 唐賢街過渡性房屋項目) General Practice Division
22 Sep, 2023 PFMD PFMD Conference 2023 - Next Generation of Smart Property & Facility Management in Greater Bay Area
21 Sep, 2023 BSD (Hybrid) Understand the Land Register (認識土地查冊) Building Surveying Division
20 Sep, 2023 HKIS HKIS Awards 2024 Briefing Session
20 Sep, 2023 QSD Experience sharing of QS Practice in Maintenance Works Projects Quantity Surveying Division
18 Sep, 2023 BSD, PFMD BSD PQSL Series 2023 - Structural Consideration and Engineering Design for Conversion Works Building Surveying Division and Property and Facility Management Division
18 Sep, 2023 GPD GPD APC Briefing for Part I Written Assessment and Professional Task General Practice Division
16 Sep, 2023 YSG YSG Charity Event –福氣迎來慶中秋 (Volunteer Services in Day Care Center for the Elderly) Young Surveyors Group
16 Sep, 2023 PFMD Visit to Building Rehabilitation Resource Centre (BRRC), Urban Renewal Authority Property and Facility Management Committee
15 Sep, 2023 BSD BSD Visit to Greater Bay Area (Guangzhou/Nansha) (GBA) (建築測量組大灣區廣州南沙考察團) Building Surveying Division
15 Sep, 2023 HKIS 首鋼園六工匯參觀 香港測量師學會北京議會、香港建築師學會
15 Sep, 2023 QSD QSD PQSL Estimating Series 2023 (3) - Cost Planning and Control Quantity Surveying Division
14 Sep, 2023 LSD Airport Height Restriction Plan and Aerodrome Obstacle Chart for the Three-runway System of Hong Kong International Airport Land Surveying Division
9 Sep, 2023 HKIS HKIS Annual Conference 2023 - "Exploring Infinity with Our Expertise for an Age-friendly Future" The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
6 Sep, 2023 HKIS 樂齡俱樂部﹕參觀猶太教莉亞堂及品嘗猶太美食 Senior Members Committee
5 Sep, 2023 QSD Insurance Clause in NEC ECC Contract The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (Quantity Surveying Division) and Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers
2 Sep, 2023 HKIS HKIS Members Welfare Committee – Visit to T Park HKIS
1 Sep, 2023 BSD Northern Metropolis Series (1) - Building a nature-positive Hong Kong – nature-based is the solution Building Surveying Division
31 Aug, 2023 LSD Solar cities for energy transition facilitated by GIScience with multi-sourced spatiotemporal big data Land Surveying Division
30 Aug, 2023 QSD Visit to MIC Mock-up of High West Site Development of the University of Hong Kong Quantity Surveying Division
28 Aug, 2023 BSD BSD PQSL Series 2023 - The Practical Approach of Preventive Maintenance Building Surveying Division
25 Aug, 2023 BSD BD x HKIS x HKIA x YoungChat 3.0 Building Surveying Division
25 Aug, 2023 YSG Holding Temporary Events with Temporary Structures: Experience Sharing on Temporary Places of Public Entertainment Licence Applications Young Surveyors Group