In the past, those of us from the three main branches of specialization of the surveying profession were engaged in property and facility management. In 1999, the General Council saw the need to coordinate the activities of professional surveyors in this field and established the first cross-divisional committee on Property Management. The PM Committee acted as the central source for coordinating activities internally and provided representations in outside government and other bodies related to property management activities. In 2003, the PM Committee was renamed Property and Facility Management Committee to embrace the growth importance in the development of facility management both globally and locally. Later in the year, the PFM Committee was reformed to become the Property and Facility Management Forum following the amendment of the HKIS constitution recognizing the establishment of specialist forums for cross-divisional and specialized services in the profession. 

Nevertheless, the establishment of the forum did not give the property and facility management specialization enough recognition both inside and outside the profession. It was strongly believed that this specialization can only be enhanced and developed for members for the general good of the community with the formal status of a Division within the Institute. With the hard work of the PFM Forum Committee under the leadership of its chairman, Mr Michael Price and the approval of the General Council, the formation of the Property and Facility Management Division was approved with overwhelming support in the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 18 may 2005.

Professional Surveyors are now employed with the government, government agencies, public corporations, developers, property and facility management services providers, multi-national companies, international real estate consultants in the provision of in-house or consultancy services in strategic facility planning, asset management, space planning management, real estate design and management, operation and maintenance, property management, corporate real estate and related services. 

PFMD leaflet

Core services of property and facility management surveying: 

Property Asset Management
Corporate Real Estate
Project Management
Property Management
Employment of PFM Surveyors