General Practice Surveyors provide opinion of values for different types of property for various purposes. Valuation advice plays a critical role in a variety of situations including sales, purchases, letting, property finance and strategic asset planning. The range of services provided by General Practice Surveyors cover:


Services in this area include valuation and appraisal services during real estate transaction process, including sale and purchases, debt and/or equity raising through banks or through major securitisations. We also provide due diligence services and advice for potential buyers or investors, sellers and lenders, to maximise property assets and co-operate with all relevant parties to ensure a smooth transaction process. This may also include advice on corporate restructures to maximise opportunities and minimise risks.


Property financing services include tailor-made services to bank clients in the industry that provide mortgage financing for property purchases. We also provide value indications and other valuable information for clients to formulate finance decisions.


Corporate Services include review owners' and occupiers' real estate holdings to assess the value of its real estate assets, long term space requirements, strategic sale and leaseback potentials and other property demands. These services enable corporate clients to derive full utilization of property resources via regular monitoring of their values and to investigate alternatives to ascertain best allocation of resources. This encompasses rateable values, rental values, capital values and alternative use values within the context of taxation, occupation & investment. Our services also cover valuations of company portfolios for accounting purposes, investment performance, company floatations,


General Practice Surveyors provide all types of valuation and consultancy advice to unlock the potential values inherent in land, whether they are green or brown field sites. The services include site selection and acquisition/disposal of land, through to the advisory and consultancy services via re-zoning and planning applications, government lease modification and premium and waiver fee negotiations. Other services include highest and best use analysis, comprehensive feasibility studies on future development schemes, structuring productive joint venture projects and alternative land use studies.


General Practice Surveyors act as an expert witness, independent valuer or arbitrator in valuation disputes like lease renewal and rent review, statutory valuations relating to resumption and disturbance claims, rating, stamp duty and estate duty cases and the like.

By drawing together and analysing fundamental research data and up-to-date market and financial information, General Practice Surveyors maintain at all times independence and confidentiality to each and every client.