Message from PFMD Chairman (January 2024)

This has been a busy month with significant administration to cope with the new HKIS Council year. That means assigning PFMD Council Members to various HKIS boards/committees/working groups/task forces/panels, nominating representatives to represent it in institutional bodies and at overseas conferences/formal/informal meetings with fellow surveyors, launching QPFMA 2024, etc, on top of its routine duties. These tasks would not be possible without the full dedication of the PFMD’s OBs and Council Members, who have rendered their committed APTIs (abilities, passions, time, and interests) to whatever task they were assigned.
Let’s applaud them all for their services. Should you have any concern or query regarding a PFMD issue, please let the Council know. In the meantime, the PFMD is grateful for your support for and participation in its activities/events and hopes to see you again soon...

Message from PFMD Chairman – January 2024 (whole message)