Message from GPD Chairman (October 2023)

As we approach the end of October, I write this message with mixed sentiments because it marks my final chairman’s message. After two terms spanning four years since November 2019, I will step down as Chairman of the GPD once my successor is elected during the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 15 November 2023.

Serving in this role has been an incredible honour and privilege and I am genuinely thankful for the unwavering support and dedication of the GPD Council throughout my tenure.

Members have faced trials and triumphs together. The events of 2019, which included social unrest, brought uncertainties and challenges. The division navigated the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, which disrupted its members’ lives and work. Evolving geopolitical tensions and economic conditions posed further complexities. Nevertheless, the Council’s collective efforts have hardened the resolve of members and enabled everyone to emerge stronger together.

In 2022, the Hong Kong Government appointed a new Chief Executive, which marked the beginning of a new chapter for the city. This transition presented the GPD with unique opportunities and challenges. I am confident that the incoming GPD Chairman will bring fresh perspectives and steer the GPD towards continued success...

Message from GPD Chairman – October 2023 (whole message)