Message from PFMD Chairman (September 2023)

PMSA Commemorative Ceremony

The PMSA held the “Embracing the New Era for Property Management” commemorative ceremony on 31 August at the HKCEC and
operated a booth at the International Property Management and Procurement Expo, which featured related information and videos. 

The ceremony was well attended with about 1,000 in-person and online participants. Chairperson Dr James Wong made an inspiring speech on the three core values of property management (PM) practitioners – quality, integrity, and advancement – to encourage the industry to improve its professionalism so that Hong Kongers can live and work in harmony.

Sr Charles Hung represented the HKIS to receive a souvenir of appreciation during the ceremony.

A CPD was also held during the ceremony and featured three prominent speakers: Ms Quince Chong, Chief Corporate Development
Officer, CLP Power HK, Ltd; the Hon Doreen Kong, member of the Legislative Council; and Ir Alfred Sit, Senior Advisor to the President of Hong Kong Baptist University, who delivered the keynote discussion on the challenges of the three aforementioned core values for PM practitioners to strive for in the future.

The ceremony concluded with 15,368 participants signing their electronic pledges, which was recognised on site by the World
Record Association for “the greatest number of people signing the Electronic Pledge to support the Sustainable Development of the Property Management Profession”...

Message from PDD Chairman (September 2023) (Full Message)