Message from PFMD Chairman (August 2023)

Site Visit to the Hong Kong Battery Recycling Centre
Reported by Sr Patrick Leung, PFMD Council Member
The PFMD organized a visit to the Hong Kong Battery Recycling Centre at Eco Park, Tuen Mun, on 6 May with a view to gaining an understanding of the entire recycling treatment process that converts lead acid batteries (LABs) into three main components: lead, acid, and plastic.

At the end of an LAB’s life cycle (WLAB), it becomes a toxic and corrosive chemical waste and requires proper treatment. Any improper disposal of WLAB can cause long-term damage to rural soil and water systems, particularly in densely-populated cities such as Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong Battery Recycling Centre Limited (HKBR) is the only battery recycling plant in Hong Kong that provides a complete recycling process from the collection of WLABs to their conversion into something else. Its state-of-the-art technology ensures a safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly solution to Hong Kong’s trash disposal problem, but requires strict compliance with local laws. Currently, the HKBR has difficulty in collecting WLABs from the market, so further incentives, including Government subsidies, should be explored to encourage more collections from different suppliers.

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