Message from PFMD Chairman (June 2023)

Next Generation of Smart Property and Facility Management in the Greater Bay Area
Reported by Sr Louis Lee, PFMD Annual Conference Organising Committee Chairman, and Sr Charles Hung, PFMD Chairman
The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is a unique region that boasts a combination of economic power, cultural diversity, and technological advancement. With its dynamic cities, bustling industries, and growing population, this part of the world has emerged as a centre of innovation and progress. During its rapid growth, it has demonstrated a greater need for efficient and sustainable property management.

Smart property and facility management will lead the way in adopting environmentallyfriendly practices and promoting energyefficient buildings and green management that fosters a culture of sustainability associated with advanced technologies such as AI, the internet of things, etc. Smart property and facility management can streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver personalised services that encourage collaboration, community involvement, etc.

Message from PFMD Chairman - June 2023 (whole message)